Download Ultimate Time Management Tool Freeware

Desktop Time Management  v.1.0

This is a simple Time management utility, in C# using WPF and Web based library

A2H2 Project Management Tool  v.1.0

A2H2 is a project management tool for agile teams that has been developed on ruby on rails. current version include chat tool and blogger too.

CTTIME (Corporate Time Management)  v.1.0

CTTIME (Corporate Time Management) is an open-source Time Management and Project Management System.It is written in PHP/MySQL.

Password Management Tool  v.1.0

Password Management Tool.

Orange Project Management Tool  v.12

Orange Project Management is a Free Tool that can help you manage all projects from a single point. You can install it on a web server, on your business network or even have Orange Project Management on your desktop. Our aim was to develop a simple

Warrior - time tracker tool for Windows  v.2.2.2

Warrior is a tool used for recording time spent on various activities. It provides an easier and convenient way to track time spent on activities and get a comprehensive report for the period specified. It thus helps in more accurate effort

JavaScript Resource Management Tool  v.1.0

A simple long time planning sketching tool for managing tasks of human resources. Rather than trying to automate the planning proccess the goal of this project is to support the task of planning the resource allocations in group sessions.

Auge - a portfolio management tool  v.32

Auge is an easy-to-use financial portfolio management application. Auge will help you monitor and analyze your stock and mutual fund positions, providing powerful insight into your entire investment

ETM (Employee Time Management)  v.0.7.0

System to control in real-time how much time employees have been worked in particular period (time tracking). Can be used in restaurants, hotels, motels - jobs where employees have been paid by hours they've

PureAdmin - Management tool for PureFTPd  v.0.4

A GTK+2.x graphical front-end and management utility for the PureFTPd ftpserver. It is intended to be easy to use while providing as much control to the user as

XML Doc Build and Management Tool  v.1.0

XML Documentation Tool provides a way to automate the production of documentation deliverables, in both PDF and HTML formats, from a set of content modules written in XML, using DocBook DTD. It enables re-use of content modules from previous

Simple Database Change Management Tool  v.1.0

dbChange seeks to alleviate the problems normally associated with change management in databases, by making it easy for developers to manage changes to databases in the same way they manage code.

Solaris Package Management Tool  v.1.0

SPMT is a set of tools providing :. Catalog management . Package installation and removal . RDBMS Backend Database. XML catalog . End user WEB based GUI. Sys admin command line UI. Security using signature, checksums and integrity control

ZF Inventory Management Tool  v.1.0

This is a VB.Net and SQL based management web application used for Chemical Industry Manufacturers.

Time management tutorial  v.1.0.1

Intuitive daily planning tutorial what shows basics of collecting to-do tasks, planning a daily work and self-control principles.

Time Tabling Tool for educational tables  v.15.1

this project is to organize the TimeTabling of our faculty,and takes the teachers,students and locations available times.its algorithm is based on operation research.this project has started in computers and informatics faculty-Mansoura University-Egypt

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